The Truth About Deer Lungs

In light of some confusion and controversy over the D&DH article “Dead-Space Debacle,” Dr. Phillip Bishop clarifies aspects of this intriguing part of white-tailed deer anatomy and physiology

Venison is healthy, nutritious and many food banks will gladly accept donated meat through organizations that assist them.

The Truth About Cooking With Venison

There is little risk in eating venison, and the nutritional advantages of eating white-tailed deer meat more than cancel out any concerns. It was a most unexpected request. One of my best friends, Dr. W. C.Z. (his real initials), had tasted venison at dinner one night at our house. The very suave university professor,...

Be sure to wear a fall restraint system full body harness every time you're elevated to help ensure safety and prevent accidents or death.

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Safe Hunting

Jake (not his real name) had planned an afternoon Pennsylvania deer hunt. He had watched his young son ascend a tree in their brand-new climber. Jake had coached his son a great deal on hunting safety and the safe use of bows, guns, ATVs and tree stands. Jake and his son were comfortable with...


Can Deer Really Hear Better than Humans?

Because deer have rather large ears, it makes sense that they can hear better than humans, right? Or can they? Many hunters assume that because deer have ears three times bigger than ours they can probably hear three times better. Some unpublished data from Art Stattleman of the University of Georgia tried to quantify...

What's the best way to attract deer during the early season? Provide them with a constant supply of water.

Waterholes: The Best Way to Attract Deer?

I’ll never forget the first time I bowhunted whitetails over a manmade water source. It was in the mid-1990s, and I was hunting the famed bluffs of Buffalo County, Wisconsin. This was my first trip to this land of Boone and Crockett-class bucks, and I was hunting with legendary outfitter Tom Indrebo. As, daylight...