Question about Alfalfa plot

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Question about Alfalfa plot

Postby wolfcliff » Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:37 am

I planted an alfalfa plot right at 6 weeks ago in mid MO. Morgan County. All went great with the drought ending and abundant rainfall to get everything up and going great. My Question is with 20+ deer in this plot day and night. Will it survive winter if all new growth is being grazed on constantly? Anyone have experience with this fall planted, and mowed to a turf. The crowns look OK, and about 2 weeks ago I went in and harvested a buck that i had watched all summer we called Spidey. (web Horns) At that time some of the plants were about 8 inches tall that hadn't been grazed on. Went back last weekend and deer are in this 5 acre plot all hours of the day and night. Looks like a golf turf except for a few weeds that are VERY apparrent standing above alfalfa turf.
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Re: Question about Alfalfa plot

Postby lil wrangler » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:36 am

I have no answers for you, but I'm trying to figure out what to plant for my 1st food plots. I have about 15acres of tillable land I can use. The rest of the property has about 10acres of woods, pasture land i can plant yet, and 3 good size ponds. My main problem is that someone leases the pastures for mowing hay. I plan to plant alfalfa and some inter wheat around the perimeter of my 15acre tillable part, like a nice mowed good grass line along the fence of my property. Then, i want to put a couple of smaller plot w/some brassicas n such where the deer come from the woods to the fields. Does anyone know if I should/shouldn't plant stuff that will help/harm the hay crop for horse and cow feed? The alfalfa, i know will be fine, and the WW, i'm pretty sure will be ok. Can bracs be mowed into hay, or is it not preferred by domestic livestock? I would ask the guy that mows the fields, but he's not here much. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I love to grow crops, and want to plant as much as i can w/o hurting the hay guys program. Thanks to all in advance for any help.
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