West Virginia big bucks

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West Virginia big bucks

Postby maymayspoppa » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:58 pm

I wish the DNR would come up with a plan than would prohibit harvesting all the young bucks and extend a doe harvest, I hunt in Cabell, Lincoln, Wayne and Monroe counties and all four have huge uneven buck to doe ratio. Imagine the trophies if we would let these bucks mature, I see it every year, hundreds of spikes, and little 1 1/2 ur old scrub bucks in the back of trucks and state stats show that most killed in a season are young. The old argument of spikes are inferior animals or have bad genetics is just untrue, they are young bucks 90% of the time. Yeah you will have some cull bucks, that can't be avoided either due to injury or genetics but if the state would say go entirely archery only for only 5 yrs or so the quality of deer would most definitely go up! Look at the counties that are that way now, look at the states that don't have a rifle season they have huge trophies. Yeah it would suck for a while not having a rifle season but imagine the deer. Just my thoughts.

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Re: West Virginia big bucks

Postby WildWV » Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:06 pm

I agree I wish West Virginia would put an antler restriction and make the season 1 buck and three does. I know that just because its a law that some people wont follow it but some will.This is what Kentucky does and it works well for them. I get so tired of the saying "if its brown its down". I understand there are meat hunters as i enjoy venison myself but meat hunters wont recognize that their are trophy hunters who put a a lot of time and money into trying to grow mature whitetails. I've spent a great deal of time and money in the area I hunt to try and grow nice whitetails with some results. This past year i had a very nice 10pt coming in to my set but wasn't able to hunt it at the beginning of the archery season. The neighbor (meat hunter) ended up shooting it and did nothing with it but throw it away.

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